I've always enjoyed timelapse photography. I can't give you any particular reason, it probably comes from the same place as my fascination with tilt-shift photography too. Timelapse has the benefit that you don't need to buy a very very expensive lens to do it though, and every now and then I've tried it out. This post is about how to do it with a T2i and how to make a video out of the resulting photographs. Continue reading Timelapse Photography with a Canon 550d

I initially went to Cambodia from Bangkok and went to Siem Reap, which is the hub for going to the Angkor temples. That route is well travellled with backpackers, and since two million tourists per year go to visit Angkor Wat, that hub is quite well prepared for westerners. Despite the temples and the history being incredible, I cannot lie and say I was not disappointed by just how much the place felt like a theme park. After a while I left and headed to Phnom Penh, the capital, in order to get a visa for Vietnam and as it is a good starting point for visiting anywhere else. I expected it to be similar to Siem Reap or at least, as used to tourists, and in a way it is. I had a very very interesting initial twelve hours. Continue reading 12 Hours in Phnom Penh


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Hi I'm Carl. I'm wandering about the globe and writing code as I do it, and occasionally doing comedy standup or improv or webcomics too.

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