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I am a software engineer by day and attempted comedian by night, as well as doing amateur photography and various other things that pop into my mind. I have also been known to be at software conferences or helping people learn coding.

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What I do with computers

I have been coding for a long time, ever since I was mistakenly given AMOS (an Amiga programming language) instead of Lemmings 2 for Christmas when I was younger. I have since then studied Computer Science, worked as a software engineer, created some projects on the side, and helped others to learn the wonderful and utterly strange world of programming.

Software Engineer

Software engineer

I have worked both in full time jobs and more recently as a contractor mainly in backend work - first in Java more recently in Python - and also in system administration and in bringing DevOps practises to companies. You can read more on my resume here.

Teaching and Community

Teaching and community

I have spent time helping at various self-directed code meetups and was a coach at hackership twice; I have also done a few presentations at Python conferences (see this one for example) and I help organise some coding-based meetups including a monthly Hack'n'Tell.

Open Source

Open source

While I have made various pull requests and bug fixes to projects over time, my main contributions are for the static analysis tools written as part of landscape, the most popular of which are prospector and pylint-django.

Side Projects

Side projects

I have various side projects in various stages, most prominent being with some others on the way or some which still exist but are not updated or have been furloughed. If I have a problem that I can solve with code, I try it and see.

Side projects and hobbies

A list of various things I get up to when time allows:

Personal sites!

Personal sites

You're looking at it! I hand-coded all of my own site content using Django partly as I wanted completely custom sections and interactions. There is the blog, this front page and I also have my resume should you want to see it.


Landscape and Weevils is a static analysis checking tool for Python code which has been running for about 5 years now. I am also starting to spin off the 'engine' behind it into a separate project called which allows people to create their own code measurement services.



Though I don't have a web presence for any of this yet, I do stand-up and improv comedy shows, and am starting to put together my own podcast and web-comic - though these are still very much works in progress. Watch this space!



I run, swim and boulder occasionally, as well as enjoy escape rooms and pub quizzes. None of these require or deserve more elaboration really though.

Latest Blog Posts

I do occasionally waffle on about something.

Annoucning Thing a Month; also, Why I don't Blog

I am sure it hasn't escaped your notice, though it has mine, that my last blog post was over 7 years ago.

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Timelapse Photography with a Canon 550d

I've always enjoyed timelapse photography. I can't give you any particular reason, it probably comes from the same place as my fascination with tilt-shift photography too. Timelapse has the benefit that you don't need to buy a very very expensive lens to do it though, and every now and then I've tried it out. This post is about how to do it with a T2i and how to make a video out of the resulting photographs.

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Developing while Travelling

A few months ago I sold all my things except the things nobody wanted, I quit my apartment in Berlin and I bought a one-way ticket to the most interesting looking country from a list of cheap flights. I wanted not so much to travel but to get away for a bit and reset myself. Since then I've been to six countries so far and seen quite a lot of unexpected things .

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