Annoucning Thing a Month; also, Why I don't Blog

I am sure it hasn't escaped your notice, though it has mine, that my last blog post was over 7 years ago.

The reason is simply : I don't actually like blogging.

I like having blogged, I like having written, but the actual effort of sitting down and scribing is always somewhat more than I'm willing to spend.

Part of it is simply that it's a bit like shouting into the void, this is my personal site and I don't cross post into other places; pretty much nobody reads these and as such the consequence for posting or not posting is exactly the same - that is to say, nil.

However I have, once again, got the urge to litter the internet, except this time, with a solid reason. I am launching Thing a Month - my plan to release a new project once per month.

Herewith, that is where I shall be posting my musings, but with a framework of publicly announced scheduling and purpose to back up my motivation to keep it up to date.

So there you have it : THING A MONTH. Go read, subscribe, all those lovely things.


Carl Crowder


Hi I'm Carl. I'm wandering about the globe and writing code as I do it, and occasionally doing comedy standup or improv or webcomics too.

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