Researchers working at the Large Hadron Collider facility near Geneva, Switzerland, have announced today that they have discovered why she swallowed a fly. This fundamental puzzle has baffled scientists from all disciplines for decades, from biologists to anthropologists to homeopathists. Theories were put forward, but all attempts to gain experimental confirmation had until now been fruitless. Continue reading Scientists now know why she swallowed a fly

It’s actually very alarming how little of the accident I remember. I think I know where I had parked the scooter but beyond that there’s absolutely nothing in my recollection. From what I have figured out afterwards from doctors and so on, the accident was severe and I came off pretty hard, pulverizing quite a lot of my important bits. The main thing I know about the accident is that I was broken enough that I had to be evacuated to a nearby hospital using a spatula. Continue reading You can't ignore my techno


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Hi I'm Carl. I'm wandering about the globe and writing code as I do it, and occasionally doing comedy standup or improv or webcomics too.

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